Pilgrims visited Kailash-Mansarwar

Arjun Bohra

March 27, 2077
Humla. On the occasion of the great Hindu festival of Mahashivaratri, the devotees have visited Kailash-Mansarwar, a religious site in Tibet near Limilapcha in Humla.
According to Surya Lama, assistant manager of Sita Air station, the pilgrims returned after visiting Kailash-Mansarwar near Limi Lapcha in Namkhagaunpalika Ward 6 of Humla. According to Mohan Giri, Chief of Simkot Airport, 13 pilgrims including Sita Air Pvt.
A group of pilgrims had reached Humla via Kathmandu. As Limi Lapcha is a tourist area of ​​Humla, the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Kailash-Mansarwar has increased. The team has reached Humla from Nepal for the possibility of Kailash-Mansarwar Darshan as there has been no movement of tourists in Humla since last year. The Sita Air plane landed at Simkot Airport from Kathmandu on Tuesday. They have returned to Nepalgunj today.
As the main road to visit Mansarovar Kailash is Hilsa Naka of Namkha village of Humla, every year since June, citizens of India and other countries have been visiting Mansarovar Kailash through Simkot of Humla.

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