Six years later, the area administration office was completed

फिल्को मिसन

2078 Shravan, 20 Wednesday
Simkot. The Area Administration Office Sarkegadh, south of Humla, has been completed. The Area Administration Office, which was established in Humla on July 12, 2073 BS, will be operational as an official after six years.
As per the decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Article 13 of the Civil Service Act 2049 BS, Deputy Subba Bhim Bahadur Rokaya has been given the charge of the office on Wednesday.
The area administration was established in the intermediate zone of the district with the objective of providing quick and transparent administrative services to the local people at their doorsteps.
The obligation to go to the district headquarters to get a new copy has been removed as not all the certificates of citizenship have been made available.
As you have to go to the district administration office in Simkot to get the correct impression of the governor and the governor, you will be able to get services at the area administration office for citizenship, recommendation, passport and other recommendations.
The problem of having to come to Simkot for two days has been solved with the help of office assistants carrying Shrestha, citizenship, passport form and recommendation.

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