The team of the Border Studies Committee returned without finding the three border posts

Arjun Bohra

Ashwin 1, 2078
Simkot. A team from the Ministry of Home Affairs, which reached Humla to study the Nepal-China border, has returned after studying the border pillars in Limi Lapcha area. The team of the study committee of the border post of the northern region with China in the Humla section studied the border pillars in Limi, Lapcha and Hilsa areas but returned without reaching the pillars 3, 4 and 11.
The team, which reached Lapcha, Limi and Limi on foot from Simkot by car, was told to study the remaining three pillars by helicopter on Friday but returned due to wind in Takule.
Chief District Officer Ganesh Acharya said that the team had to return before reaching the 3rd, 4th and 11th places even though the Border Study Committee of the Border Pillar with China studied the border pillars of Lapcha and Hilsa areas. He said that a seven-member team led by coordinator Jayanarayan Acharya had reached Humla on September 10 and left for the district on September 10.
Boundary Pillar No. 11 in Takule and Boundary Pillar No. 3 and 4 in Humla have returned without studying. Acharya, coordinator of the team, said that the study was conducted due to adverse weather conditions. No. 11 in Takule of Namkha Village Municipality-6 and No. 12 in Lapcha area. Other Hilsa kit areas 5 (1) and (2), 6 (1) and (2), 7 (1) and (2), 8 (1) and (2), 9 (1) and (2) Namkha – 5 of Hilsa and Kit fall in the area. There is a border post number 3 at Yangjo Bhajyang in the Hangsi area within Namkha-5 Kai Yari and a border post number 4 at Numuchche in the same area. In Lapcha, there have been protests saying that the physical structure built by China in Lolung Jong has been constructed on Nepali land.
A team of the study committee had gone to Lapcha on September 11 to study the border post. The team consisted of representatives from the Survey Department and other concerned sectors. The government had sent a team to Namkha village in Humla bordering China to conduct an on-site study on the encroachment of Nepali territory.

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