One thousand foreign tourists entered Humla in two weeks

Arjun Bohra

23 August 2079

Simkot. In two weeks, revenue of Rs 10 lakh 52 thousand has been collected from religious tourists entering the Himalayan district Humla. After the Covid-19 epidemic, Humla has increased with the arrival of foreign religious tourists.

Kummer Rokayal, who is assigned at Simkot Airport, informed that a fee of 1100 rupees has been collected for tourists from SAARC countries and 1500 rupees for tourists from other countries to enter Humla. During this period, no tourists came to Humla.

After being affected by the first and second corona virus, the risk of second corona virus infection decreased, but the footpath was deserted due to the fourth wave of corona virus. According to Rokaya, who is assigned at Simkot Airport to collect revenue from tourists for Namkha, out of 1,000 people who have come so far, 1 are from Bhutan, 2 from Canada, 1 from Australia and the remaining 1,56 tourists of Indian origin have visited Humla. According to Simkot Rural Municipality sources, among the tourists of Indian origin, there are citizens who renounced their Indian citizenship and settled in other countries and Chinese citizens who renounced their citizenship and settled in India.

Citing the Simkot Airport, Simkot and Namkha village councils said that according to the data provided by the joint team, religious tourists who started from the first week of Bhadra month, now more than 900 tourists have entered by air.

One of the most important tourist areas in the world tourism market, the Kailash Mansarorar religious shrine in Tibet, a peaceful region of China, can be visited in 2 days. It has become easy to visit Kailash Mansarvar because of the transportation facility in a short time.

60 percent of the amount collected from foreign tourists is collected by Simkot and 40 percent by Namkha Rural Municipality. Rokaya said that more than 1 million revenue has been collected in Simkot so far.

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