Sadhguru Jaggi Basudev coming to Humla

Arjun Bohra

23 August 2079

Simkot. A famous religious Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev) is going to come to Humla from Limy Lapcha in Nepali land Humla for Mansarovar Kailash darshan. Chief District Officer Seet Pariyar said that famous Sadhguru Jagdish Basudev is ready to come to Humla on Friday. Chief District Officer Pariyar said that Sadhguru is ready to come directly from Pokhara to Simkot by helicopter for darshan of Mount Kailash. 40 religious tourists including him are ready to come and 1000 Indian religious tourists have already visited Kailash. Before reaching Sadguru, there is a plan to stay in Simkot for a day and the team will go to Lapcha. The team will stay at Lekdhinga of Namkha Rural Municipality-1, while the other stay will be at Takchi, a place at a height of 4800 meters. The team including Sadhguru is scheduled to reach Lapcha and visit Mansarovar Kailash. After the arrival of Sadargur, the district administration office has tightened security in Simkot area.

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